A walk to remember – I

The door slid open and she stepped into the elevator.

If only she hadn’t stepped into that elevator with him… His life would have been just the same normal life he always thought it would be…

3 months earlier.

Dave Jenkins, 27, was an ordinary man working at the State library for the past 4 years. Standing at 5ft 11’ with brown eyes and black hair, he did not exactly have looks which would warrant a second glance from another woman. He was currently single and not seeing anyone, even though his friends always tried to hook him up with someone. But Dave, shy with women as he was, always insisted that when the time would come, the love of his life would find him rather than him finding her.

But all this was of no importance to Dave, who was lost. Lost in the beautiful woman standing before him.

Once on a sunny afternoon in June, a young lady walked into the State library and headed straight to the romantic section. Dave was busy reading an old novel to notice anything out of the blue. Little did he know what destiny had in store for him that day.

“Excuse me, where can I find ‘A walk to remember’ by Nicholas Sparks”, the charming voice of the young lady enquired. Dave looked up and was taken aback by the sheer beauty of the person in front of him. The young lady, in her mid-twenties, was gorgeous, to say the least. She was 5ft 6’ tall and had blonde hair. But the most exquisite thing about her face were her blue eyes which appeared to shine in contrast to her fair complexion. Her pinkish cheeks seemed to compliment her pink top. A rather large leather bag hung from her shoulder while the other hand displayed an antiquated yet beautiful bracelet. She seemed to be in a hurry.

Dave simply could not peel his eyes off her. He seemed lost in those big, blue eyes which were as innocent as a 5-year-old child. For Dave, the world appeared to have gone into slow motion. A young girl at the far end of the room gasped in slow motion as she accidentally dropped a heavy book onto the floor with a thud. Her friend, who had snuck up on her, was laughing in slow motion at his small devilish triumph.  Mrs. Pattinson, the assistant librarian besides him, was groaning in slow motion about how expensive her NY apartment rent was. But all this was of no importance to Dave, who was lost. Lost in the beautiful woman standing before him.

He was brought back to reality with a snap of her fingers. “Ummm excuse me, are you listening?” she asked him, impatiently.

“Yes, I am sorry. ‘A walk to remember’ is what you were asking?” Dave asked, clearly embarrassed.

“That is correct. It is not there in the romantic novel section.”

“Yes, it was recently rented out. It must be on the cart beside the shelf. Sorry to have caused you inconvenience.”

“Oh, stupid me!” she said. Her cheeks turned pink with embarrassment.

Dave’s heart was beating at an unreal pace. ‘The assistant librarian besides me is stupid that she could not put the books back properly, not you’. “Here I will assist you in getting the book,” Dave said, back to his somewhat normal self. His heart, though, still beat at the same unreal pace looking at her mesmerizing beauty.

“Yes, that would be kind of you”. Dave got up from his chair and led her to the romantic section again. He found the book which she was looking for and handed it to her.

“Thank you so much. I really wanted to read this one. My friends have been telling me that it is awesome,” she said with an excitement matched only by a child who had gotten something new.

“Yes, it is quite good I must say” boasted Dave trying to show off his superior knowledge of books.

“Anyway thanks again. I am Jean Parker by the way. I just started working in the GNB bank across the street. I must get back. My break is almost over” she said stuffing the book in her bag.

“Dave Jenkins, I work here,” he said extending his hand. She didn’t see his extended hand and embarrassed Dave promptly took back his hand. He did not want her to think that he was some kind of a weirdo, especially after the goof-up at the reception counter.

“Yeah, I figured. She said with a smile. Nice meeting you Dave, see you around.”

“Nice to meet you too Jean.”

‘What kind of an idiot says that he works at a library when he walks around wearing the librarian’s badge’ scolded his mind. Dave rolled his eyes at his stupidity. Though he was upset with himself to maintain his composure around women, he smiled for the rest of the day at this sweet encounter. His life had just been changed completely and little did he know it.


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