New Beginnings- Part II

Our final destination had 2 stops along the way, in London and Boston. The journey from India to London was quite uneventful, given that I slept through most of it and the rest of it watching the in-flight entertainment attached to the back of the seat in front of me. The cabin crew was quite … Continue reading New Beginnings- Part II


New Beginnings- Part I

The day had finally arrived. August 11th, 2016. Bags packed and arranged neatly in the hall the previous night. I was finally set to leave my beloved parents, house and my country. The Uber arrived promptly and even the driver looked at me with a sense of respect for the job I was about to … Continue reading New Beginnings- Part I

Eggcited to be back!!!

Ahh, the life of Bachelors. The best possible road to discovery of one’s true personality. One cannot possibly comprehend the lifestyle of a bachelor unless one has lived through it. You know you are living the life of a bachelor or at least in a house full of bachelors when the refrigerator’s food seems like … Continue reading Eggcited to be back!!!