Eggcited to be back!!!

Ahh, the life of Bachelors. The best possible road to discovery of one’s true personality. One cannot possibly comprehend the lifestyle of a bachelor unless one has lived through it. You know you are living the life of a bachelor or at least in a house full of bachelors when the refrigerator’s food seems like heaven, sweaty clothes become your outer skin and being hygienic is like meeting that irritating aunt who visits your house and asks you how your studies are going on. The house of a bachelor will usually have a burnt smell of the food they thought was damn easy to make and watching a video on YouTube would actually help. In their self-made chaotic world comes the savior that every bachelor would gleefully declare as the national food. Yes, I am talking about eggs. But you knew that already looking at the title, didn’t you? Some would argue Banana too, but it is not as versatile as its counterpart.

The egg is so freaking simple to make that it is almost sinful to go wrong here. You accidently break an egg in a hot pan and 5 minutes later you have a dish edible enough to eat. It’s that simple. You can have eggs for breakfast, as a side dish during meals or even as an evening snack. People, like me, who do not cook as much or lack the culinary skills will often have to make omelet listed as the top skill in their cooking resume. I consider friends, especially guys, who can make something other than Maggi and omelet to be cooks. You can make so many different recipes with eggs that it is simply mind boggling. You could whisk an egg into a bowl and pour it into the hot pan and treat yourself to an omelet. Or if you mess up doing that you could simply pour everything on the pan and roughly mix it up until it forms clumps and treats you to scrambled eggs. Or if you are too tired, you could simply break the egg on the pan and have an easy running yolk omelet. Or if you are too tired to even break the egg, you could just put it in boiling water and 10 minutes later have a boiled egg. It is out of this ease of cooking eggs that I began experimenting with it and came up with 2 recipes that I feel anyone who likes eggs can make. Trust me if I can do them and make it taste good then even you can. It’s pretty easy to make, takes just about 20 mins and can be filling if you are tired to make anything else.

Grilled Cheese Omelet:

  1. You will need 2 eggs, 2 slices of cheese, 4 slices of bread, salt to taste, butter and Mayonnaise(optional)
  2. Take a pan and let it heat it up a bit. While this is happening, butter the 4 slices of bread on one side or both, depending on choice. Now put a cheese slice in between the 2 slices and do the same with the other cheese slice.
  3. Once the pan is sufficiently hot, put the bread slices with cheese on to it and turn the gas to medium. Let the cheese melt a bit so that you get the gooey texture. Do the same for the other bread slices too. Take them off the pan and put them on your plate.
  4. Wisk up 2 eggs in a bowl, until the yolk has completely mixed. Do not add salt here since it will break down the mixture and not allow the omelet to be fluffy. I read this fact somewhere, although I find it to be moderately true.
  5. Pour the mixture into the same pan and let the omelet cook. Alternatively, you could just break the eggs into the pan directly and use them. Add salt and any seasoning but that it optional.
  6. Once the omelet is done, flip it on the other side using a flat spatula. If you are hesitant of flipping the entire omelet you could just fold it in half and then flip it. Turn off the gas.
  7. Fold the omelet in half (if you did not do so in the above step). This makes it easier to cut. Cut the omelet in half. Stack up one over the other.
  8. Arrange one grilled cheese sandwich and put the stacked omelet and add the other sandwich on top of it. You could add the mayo over this if you want. Cut the whole thing in half or fourths. Enjoy!!
This pic was taken when I made the recipe

French Toast with a twist:

  1. You will need 2 eggs, 4 slices of bread, 1 slice of cheese or half shredded cheese cube, butter, salt, any chopped vegetables you have left over (preferably onions, tomatoes and bell peppers) and seasoning (optional).
  2. Wisk together 2 eggs in a very big bowl. Add salt and seasoning of your choice.
  3. Cut 4 slices of bread into smaller pieces. You could just tear it up by hand if you do not want to take the pains of cutting it with a knife. Add these pieces to the bowl of whisked eggs and dip it in with a fork to ensure each piece of bread is coated with egg.
  4. On a pan add butter once it’s sufficiently hot. Once the butter has melted add all the veggies and stir fry it. Stir frying is just a fancy word for frying stuff on a high heat.
  5. After 4-5 minutes once the veggies have been softened up a bit, pour the entire contents of the bowl into the pan.
  6. Turn the gas to medium and mix together lightly so that all the veggies have some of the egg on them too.
  7. After 5-7 minutes, add the cheese on top of the mixture and turn off the gas. Cover up the pan with a lid and let it stay for another 1-2 minutes.
  8. Once the pan has cooled down, remove the lid. With a spatula remove the mixture onto your plate. Garnishing is optional. But bachelors are too lazy for that stuff so we will skip that part. Enjoy!!

I hope you all liked the recipes. Do try it and let me know how it went. Trust me its damn simple and requires no prior cooking skills. I would love to hear about more such recipes if you have any. Adios.


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