So finally a page dedicated entirely to me!! How cool is that?

    I know this may sound as a cliché but ever since I was a child I had this passion for reading novels and someday writing one myself. I feel a blog such as this is a baby step towards that dream. I love exploring new things and learning about them. I hope to travel the world one day, interact with people from all walks of life and taste all kinds of food. This brings me to my second passion and I am sure to raise a few eyebrows with this. I love cooking and experimenting with new dishes. This has to be put down to my mother who I feel, just like a million others feel about their mothers, cooks the world’s best food. It is through her that I have this love for food and trying new dishes. My dad has handed me down this quality of managing to keep cool in tense situations. I am very competitive in whatever I do.

    I hope to connect with wonderful people through this blog and learn about their life experiences as I share my own. Who know where this journey will lead me. But I won’t know about it till I explore it. Come be a part of it. Bon voyage.


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