A city of champions – Part I

I was planning to visit my cousin, Renu, in Boston ever since I first landed in the United States. Finally, I got the chance to do that last week and Renu told me I could crash her place for a couple of days. Special thanks to her for being kind enough to let me stay … Continue reading A city of champions – Part I


A culturist by heart

I and my roommates were having a quiet dinner when our American neighbor decided to drop by. Now, he is someone you can talk to on a variety of topics and our conversations continue long into the night. So, when we came by we knew we were in for another intellectual discourse. So, we got … Continue reading A culturist by heart

A city so nice they named it twice – Part IV

The following day was a Sunday so we slept a bit longer. Coming to think of it, it would not have mattered what day of the week it was since we would have slept anyway. Finally, as the clock struck 12, we lazily got off our beds and freshened up. Atit had booked our tickets for … Continue reading A city so nice they named it twice – Part IV

A city so nice they named it twice – Part III

After Central Park, we made our way to the One World Observatory which is just next to the WTC station. The majestic building rose high into the sky. A friend who was nearby called us and we decided to go up to the top most floor together. We purchased our tickets and made our way to the … Continue reading A city so nice they named it twice – Part III

A city so nice they named it twice – Part II

Soon enough we reached the stop, 27th and 7th. It was a bit chilly, or maybe I was trembling with excitement at finally having reached the enigmatic city. I was snapped out of my daydream by Ketan, who asked me where should we go next. I had no clue and had to call up Sanket. … Continue reading A city so nice they named it twice – Part II

A city so nice they named it twice – Part I

This is the first part of my experiences on my recent trip to New York City. I will be covering it in 4 parts.

New Beginnings- Part III

So eventually, we made it to the waiting area and found a suitable spot near the big glass windows (through which you could see the flights) and settled in the for the final 1 hour before departure. Since we had not eaten much through the entire night all of us were famished. After checking out … Continue reading New Beginnings- Part III

New Beginnings- Part II

Our final destination had 2 stops along the way, in London and Boston. The journey from India to London was quite uneventful, given that I slept through most of it and the rest of it watching the in-flight entertainment attached to the back of the seat in front of me. The cabin crew was quite … Continue reading New Beginnings- Part II

New Beginnings- Part I

The day had finally arrived. August 11th, 2016. Bags packed and arranged neatly in the hall the previous night. I was finally set to leave my beloved parents, house and my country. The Uber arrived promptly and even the driver looked at me with a sense of respect for the job I was about to … Continue reading New Beginnings- Part I

Eggcited to be back!!!

Ahh, the life of Bachelors. The best possible road to discovery of one’s true personality. One cannot possibly comprehend the lifestyle of a bachelor unless one has lived through it. You know you are living the life of a bachelor or at least in a house full of bachelors when the refrigerator’s food seems like … Continue reading Eggcited to be back!!!