A culturist by heart

I and my roommates were having a quiet dinner when our American neighbor decided to drop by. Now, he is someone you can talk to on a variety of topics and our conversations continue long into the night. So, when we came by we knew we were in for another intellectual discourse. So, we got … Continue reading A culturist by heart


Cricket- A farcical religion

While watching a game recently I saw a little girl holding a placard which read “Gayle please hit me on my nose and come to meet me in the hospital.” This message although an innocuous one, still took me by surprise. For all those who do not avidly follow cricket, there was an incident when … Continue reading Cricket- A farcical religion

Be a Man

Young siblings, in an urban city in India, approach their mother and ask about their future. Young girl: Mummy who will I marry when I grow up? (*Perfectly normal*) Mummy (smiling): A young and handsome prince will come riding on a horse and take you away to live in a big castle. (*A mother being … Continue reading Be a Man