New Beginnings- Part I

The day had finally arrived. August 11th, 2016. Bags packed and arranged neatly in the hall the previous night. I was finally set to leave my beloved parents, house and my country. The Uber arrived promptly and even the driver looked at me with a sense of respect for the job I was about to … Continue reading New Beginnings- Part I


A walk to remember – III

Dave and Jean took the elevator up to the terrace. When they stepped out, it was as if they were transported to a whole new world. Calling it a grand party with exquisite lighting would have been an injustice to the spectacle that lay before their eyes. To their far right, a DJ was playing … Continue reading A walk to remember – III

A walk to remember – II

After their first encounter, Jean would habitually come to the library to issue books for herself and chat with Dave for a few moments. She would often join Dave for lunch since their lunch times coincided. With every conversation that happened and every meeting they had, Dave started falling for her more and more. He … Continue reading A walk to remember – II